The End

This is the last day this school will be open.

This was one of my students last journal entries.
I knew this school was not the place for me. Everything seemed different. I basically stayed to myself. I really didn’t like coming, I hated this school. Me and my mother’s relationship was trying to improve, things were getting better for me. A couple of months went by and I’m still here. It’s been almost a year! I recently just found out that this school is closing next year and it’s like my dreams are crushed, because this is no ordinary school this is a home and it’s full of family. I’ve gotten my life back on track and my behavior has improved. Me and my mom has a better relationship and I’m doing great for myself.

In the beginning my life, like water going down the drain, I finally pulled the plug and all my troubles are gone. I love this school at first I didn’t like it, I really never knew how great it really was. I should’ve always listened when I hear the phrase, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

This is the last post.
Time to clean out my classroom.
Thanks for reading.

One Liners and Leftovers

These are all of the leftovers and one-liners I have had written down from the last 2 years teaching Culinary Arts and English here.
C: Man I need to sleep.
I didn’t sleep all weekend.

R: They had me hot bra.
That’s why I busted all the windows.
They had me hot.

K: When that boy blow up that school, I’m gonna sue your ass.
That boy from Iraq, fuckin’ terrorist.

J: I say this on my dead granddaddy.
I put this on Jesus.
I put this on God.
I ain’t gonna lie on God bra.

K: Why you diggin’ in yo nose and shit?
R: I gotta booger in dat bitch.

S: Where my boo thang at?

D: Bra we gots to make that video bra.

J: You know what the best food is?
That jail food. That spaghetti is on point.

R: My name ain’t R in here, my name Bobby Filet.

J: Man I need a suit so I can steal.

M: They say when you drink kool-aid, that be the color you piss out.

R: Is you from a human? Cause every human spose ta eat meat.

I turn around and one of my students has filled a pitcher with water and had a bag of sugar.

C: You can tell I’m from the projects bra. (starts pouring a ton of sugar in the pitcher)
Mr. C: C! That’s gross, don’t pour sugar in there. No!
C: I’m black, I love sugar water.
Mr. C: I don’t care if you are black, that is too much sugar.

J: This fuckin’ apron broke.

Mr. C: What flavor ramen did you get?
R: Doody.

J: Man I fixin’ to get a sprite and take a shit.

J: How you gon rob a robber?

Mr. C: Do you want to help R cook waffles?
J: Nah I fixin’ to take a shit.

J: You use the bathroom but you didn’t clean it.
M: Sanitize it.
J: Sanitize your breath.
L: Sanitize your god damn lip.

R: Bra I’m 17. I spose ta be in the 11th grade, but I got locked up. I missed 5 months of school.

J: Your breath straight smell like a shitty diaper.

R: Y’all be bullshittin’, I can’t go no week without drinking water. I straight drink my piss.

Gray Magic

I’m sitting at my desk and M is across the room on the computer.
M: Mr. C do you know anything about black magic?
Mr. C: No.
M: What about white magic?
Mr. C: No, what is white magic?
M: (Silence, stares at computer screen)
Mr. C: M? What is white magic?
M: Oh I don’t know I just wanted to know about it.
Mr. C: Well you can research it on the computer.
M: That’s what I’m fixin’ to do.
Mr. C: Okay.
I am going to miss M’s random questions.

New Beginnings

With only 2 days of school left, this topic inevitably comes up.
M: Tomorrow is the big day. Well it’s a sad day.
Mr. C: Yeah.
M: Well it’s like a new beginning for me, and a new start to get myself together.
I don’t know why I feel that way but that’s how I feel.
Mr. C: Yeah, that’s a good way to look at it. You won’t be coming back here next year but you will be at a whole new school. See it as an opportunity.
M: Yeah.

Blessed Oil

M walked in the door, obviously irritated that they have to be here on the last 2 days of school:
Mr. C: Hey M.
M: I told y’all I didn’t want to be here today.
Mr. C: Yes you did.
M: My Grandmammy said “You’re going to school.” And I said “Not if I’m sick.”
Mr. C: Well you aren’t sick.
M: My Grandmammy doesn’t use medicine, she uses blessed oil. That stuff doesn’t work.
Mr. C: Hmm.


L walked in my room and made a comment to B:
B: I know you wasn’t talking to me.
L: You wont do nothin’.
B: Man, what is you talking about! My hands is bisexual, I fight boys and girls!
Mr. C: Alright L, time to go.
I got the other student out of my room before it escalated.

Mental Jacket People

We had to break the news of the school closing down to the students, and some took it better than others.
K: This is some bullshit.
Mr. C: I know, it is unfair, for all of us. Teachers are losing their jobs and you guys are losing your school.
K: I don’t care no more.
Mr. C: You can still care, and you need to be able to transition.
K: Think about it, we gon’ to a new school.
D: I been here since 9th grade.
K: It’s a new environment. There some bloods at the school I go to. I’m gon’ pop somebody.
D: I’m gon’ end up there too.
K: You gon’ somewhere with they mental jacket people. Nah I’m just playin’.
Mr. C: Everything is going to be fine guys.

I hope everything will be fine for them.

School Closing Down

There have been rumors and they were confirmed. This school will be closing down. These are the last 3 days this high school will be open.

Snakes on Planes

I walked in the door mid conversation:
M: And we goin’ on a plane, I hope I don’t pee on myself.
Mr. C: Whoa what’? Where are you going?
M: We goin’ to Panama. I never rode an airplane before.
Mr. C: I love flying in planes.
M: You flown before?
Mr. C: Yeah, the first time I was a bit nervous at takeoff but after that it was great.
M: I’m just goin’ to try to sleep.
Mr. C: Yeah that’s a good idea. I love going to sleep and waking up somewhere else.
M: Where you been?
Mr. C: I’ve flown to Europe 6 times and all over the U.S.
M: I don’t like it, because I seen snakes on a plane.
Mr. C: That’s a movie.
M: So! What if they really snakes on the plane!
Mr. C: That is highly unlikely.
M: Still.
Mr. C: You will be fine.

Party Time

I overheard this conversation in the cafeteria:
M: Bra I been goin’ to parties since I was 7.
J: You ain’t been to more parties than me bra. I’m 2 years older than you brah, I been to more parties.
M: Bra you only 14, how you goin’ be 2 years older than me.
J: I been goin’ to parties since I was 8. When I was 8 I did more things than I do now.