Boxer Briefs and Chubby Chase

In 2nd Block, I tuned into this part of the conversation with my 8th graders.
(warning contains abusive/offensive language)

D: Dude was in his boxers.
J: The fuck?
M: Haha! Boxer briefs lookin’ ass nigga.
J: I wasn’t in my boxers bra.
D: You was, and you was talkin to this big girl.
J: What big girl I talk to?
D: You know who I’m talking ’bout.
J: What big girl I talk to?! Bra!
M: Chubby chase!
J: I just said I like girls with a little meat on dey bones.
J: Pinky got a little meat on her bones.
D: She big bra.
M: She is bra.

4 Comments on “Boxer Briefs and Chubby Chase”

  1. myfriendmissmiller says:

    hahaha… ohhh gotta love the “boxer briefs lookin’ ass nigga” comment. i love how these kids will take any kind of a word, and add ‘lookin’ ass nigga’ at the end to make it offensive. do your kids talk about “thirsty-ass” lookin niggas yet?
    i think the king of all kings that i heard was: “he looked all girly-ass, that faggety gay-lookin ass nigga”….. i laughed and thought we should have a contest to see who can string the most offensive words together into ONE insult. sadly, we teachers could probably win.

    • yep, if it’s not that it’s bra after everything. No “thirsty-ass niggas” yet. Gay is used a lot. Faggot not so much.
      Wow, thats a ton of adjectives in one sentence, impressive. Yeah I can hold my own, real talk!

      tell me this, do they use slick to describe how they did, or are going to do something?
      I slick did that yesterday. He slick did tell me he was going to go to the movies this weekend.
      The closes thing I found that was comparable was totally, which is such a 90’s word. I totally should bring that back though.

      • myfriendmissmiller says:

        I totally agree with you on bringin’ back the 90s. Ha… how many years have you been teaching?

        Nope, my kids never used “slick”. Before I taught ESL I taught your average inner city class with the ED students, but I have been doing ESL now for 2 years so it’s been a while…. might be a new word or something. We do have a few kids who have been in America now long enough that they’re starting to pick up on the ghetto shit, like the picks in their hair and their pants all the way down to their ankles… but I could seriously say that in a school of 500 6-12th graders, I could count about 20 who are THAT Americanized. a few of them try to be hard like that, but with their thick African accents it makes it difficult to be a real tough guy, haha.

  2. I just now saw this comment.

    I have been teaching on and off for about 8 years. I started in after school programs teaching drums, guitar, photography and film to 3rd-6th graders. That was amazing because I love all 4 of those subjects so sometimes it didnt even feel like work. I did that for about 4 years, moved to Nashville and worked at a k-4 school. And I have been teaching high school ever since.

    I’m surprised slick hasnt made it there yet, of course I dont know what part of the country you live in. It could just be a southern thing. I’m not familiar with ED, it may be called something else here.

    Yeah, it’s always strange/sad to me when kids from unique and diverse cultures adopt the gangster style to fit in. I have several seniors, one is Egyptian who has picked up on this but they never show up. I’ve seen them maybe 4 times this semester.

    6th-12th grade, wow. I refuse to do middle school, that’s where I tap out. I love k-6, and enjoy high school; but 7th and 8th, homey don’t play dat. I have a set of 8th graders now, because the school I teach at is alternative, and it’s 8th-12th. My 8th graders are driving me up the wall. I am having a lot of trouble not only connecting with but also getting on their level. The immaturity/defiance/spoiled attitudes that I have to deal with is rough. Give me every other grade level and I will make it work.
    Any suggestions?

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