High On Life, Dog

1st Block with my Seniors:
C has been showing up more here lately than he has the entire semester. Unfortunately instead of doing his work, he walks up to my desk and we have conversations like this:
C: You get high?
Mr. C: No.
C: You lie.
Mr. C: No, I don’t.
C: You ever see a dog get high?
Mr. C: Nope.
C: My dog is high.
Mr. C: Okay.
C: I let him smoke hash with me, I blow it in his face. 3 days, my dog is high now…he can’t control himself.
Mr. C: I bet.


2 Comments on “High On Life, Dog”

  1. myfriendmissmiller says:

    God, I love this. I had some kids like this once. I envision you keeping a straight face the entire time these conversations take place, kind of like mtv’s old show Daria.. Did u ever watch that? What is your reaction?! I wish I could keep my composure, but at the same time, every one of us and our reactions just makes us a part of who we are, I suppose.

  2. Oh yes, I always have the straight face when talking about drugs. Having never done them, I have nothing to hide.
    I love daria, Ive actually been watching all 5 seasons in the past month, so it’s really ironic you bring that up.

    My reaction is always deadpan, unless they say something that I find hilarious, and I have to laugh, it’s only natural.

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