Lettin’ a hot one out.

2nd Block with 8th graders:

I sent a student to the bathroom and waited at the door for a long time. Long enough for another one of my students to need to go as well. He waited at the door with me.
(Student walks super slow out of the restroom past a teacher who was waiting for another student.)
Mr. C: You were gone forever. Were you playing around in there?
C: Nah, I letta hot one out.
M: Yeah I gotta letta hot one out too.
Mr. C: Well go on.
M: Nah, I gotta wait for that teacher to leave the hall.
Mr. C: Why?
M: I can’t letta teacher know that I be doo dooin’.
Mr. C: What?
M: I don’t wanna teacher know I be goin’ doo doo.
Mr. C: Man, everybody doo doo’s.

Why is you late?

8th grade class:
My car broke down and I missed my first block class and was late to my 2nd block.
(I walk in the door)
K: Why is you late?
Mr. C: Well my car broke down on the way to work this morning, so I had to ride my bike here.
K: You rode a bike here? That’s petty.
Mr. C: Well I had to get here somehow.
K: Shit I woulda just stayed home and gone back ta bed.

Student Monologue

1st Block with Seniors:
C: I want to be a true rapper. I been in the hood since I was a kid.
T: Yeah.
C: You ever been to jail?
T: I been to CJC.
C: How old are you?
T: 18.
C: You ever been to Harland?
T: They got a jail in Harland?
C: Yeah and I got locked up. They told me to take my clothes off, I did. They told me to take my boxers off. I said “Hell no, I only take my boxers off for bitches, and you’re not a bitch.” They said watch your mouth. I said I can’t watch my mouth. They sprayed me man.
T finished his work and I gave him permission to go into the gym but he decided to roam the halls so he got LDA (leaving designated area) and had to go to ISS. I finally got C to do his work. He took his mp3 player again as his homeroom teacher walked in to give me the write up form to fill out for T. She saw the mp3 player and asked for it, which he refused and then said: “kiss my ass.” The principal had to come in and he was sent to ISS.
T never came back.
C showed up one more time, and was expelled for threatening to blow up the school. We have to take all threats seriously. He was taken off the roll.