Holiday Break!

School is out for the holidays.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Back in January so stay tuned!

Is Santa fo Real?

A conversation about the Legitimacy of Santa:
K: I swear I never thought that Santa wasn’t real. I was upset.
Mr. C: How did you find out?
K: I was sleepin’, and I heard a noise, and I got up around 2 o’clock, and I was all excited, ya feel me. I was like “Santa down there with my presents.”
And I went downstairs and my Uncle was down there eating cookies.
And I was like: “Those cookies are for Santa!”
I was hot bra.
Mr. C: I bet you were.

I Want Gauges for Christmas

On the last day before the break, I asked the students about their holiday plans.
Mr. C: Are you going anywhere for Christmas?
D: I don’t know, I just hope I get the things on my list.
Mr. C: What is on your list?
D: ipad 4, xbox 360, game for my Wii, Hip Hop Dance Central, and a cell phone.
Mr. C: That is a lot of stuff!
D: I know, I really want a cell phone.
Mr. C: What kind?
D: Whatever one, as long as its not uh track phone.
Mr. C: I didn’t get a cell phone until I was in college, but then again they weren’t as popular as they are now.
D: Oh and I want umm… gauges. My momma takin’ me to get my gauges.
Mr. C: But your ears are not ready for gauges, that takes years.
D: Nah, I be gettin’ the gauges that make it look like I got gauges.
Mr. C: Well if you get gauges, you can’t go back, your ears will be changed.
D: I don’t want my ears to look nasty, I just want it to look like it.
Mr. C: What’s the point?
D: I don’t know, I just want them. I posted up on facebook the ones I wanted.
Mr. C: Well I guess I’ll see when you come back from the break.

It’s Goin’ Down Tonight

2nd to last day of school before dismissal

K: Mr. C, somebody gettin’ robbed tonight.
Mr. C: What?
K: It’s goin’ down tonight.
Mr. C: Why?
K: Because.
Mr. C: Did somebody do something?
K: Nah I gotta find somebody.

I’m the Turtle, Ya Feel Me?

A Junior was stalling on starting their work.

Mr. C: You need to get to work.
K: Don’t rush me, I got this.
Mr. C: Slow and steady wins the race?
K: Yeah, I’m the turtle ya feel me?
Mr. C: Yeah I guess.
K: And I know a shortcut.
Mr. C: We’ll see about that.

Stealing Santa’s Sleigh

It’s Christmas time at the school so naturally Santa comes up. This was the end of one of the more interesting conversations:

K: If I had a chance, I swear ta god, I’d steal Santa’s sleigh and ride it around all night. I be goin’ evrywhere. And then I’d bring it back, and say:
“I’m sorry, I’ll be good next year. I don’t want to be on yo naughty list.”

Thanks for Sharing

( A Senior went into the bathroom as some juniors went down to get their lunch with a teacher.  After waiting for a long time the senior came out of the bathroom as they were coming back up.)
Teacher:  Have you been in there since we went down to get our lunch?
S: Yeah, I had to take a shit.
Mr. C: Well thanks for telling everyone about it.
S: I don’t care.
Mr. C: That is obvious.
S: My stomach was hurting so you know.

You ain’t my Gal

A conversation overheard between two Seniors in the cafeteria during lunch:

(Student gets up from table and walks towards the door.)
S: Where you goin’?
J: I’m leavin’.
S: But we spose ta eat lunch together.
J: Fuck yo lunch. You ain’t my gal. (walks off)

Harsh. These boys can be brutal.