2nd block with my 8th graders:

3 of my students have not finished their work and therefore I did not let them cook with us today.
2 of them got mad about this.
They tried to leave the classroom and I would not let them.
K: Can I go to the bathroom?
Mr. C: Do one question, and I will let you go. You haven’t done any work.
(K pushes their stuff off the desk and pushes the desk)
K: Nah fuck that I’m leavin’.
(walks out the door)
As I’m writing them up, another students curses and walks over to me.
R: How you gon’ write her up for not doing nothin’?
Mr.C: Mind your business.
R: Don’t tell me what to do. You don’t tell us what to do. I’ll get the principal.
Mr. C: We can get the principal, and ‘Ill tell them how you’ve been acting.
R: I don’t give a shit about no principal.
Mr. C: Apparently.
(K walks back in)
K: And don’t even think about tryin’ to write me up for LDA.
Mr. C: I did write you up.
K: Fuck you.
Mr. C: Okay.
K: Fuck you, fuck this school and fuck this work you just gave me. Fuck your skinny ass, ugly as hell.
Mr. C: Well I’m ugly, what can I do about it?
K: Fuck you.
(The Educational Assistant walks in and I explain the situation and they take them both to ISS.)
K: Fuck this school.
(kicks a chair)
Mr. C: See you guys next Monday.

2 Comments on “Fridays…”

  1. hello old friend, remember teacher lounge chat? …. i’m back! 😉 (just a different blog about different things…. but i’ll bring the other one back one of these days!) just thought i’d stop and say hi. hope your school year is going well.

  2. sleepinghouse says:

    hey there!
    yes of course I do.
    i have added you to the sidebar under links.
    thanks for stopping by and saying hello.
    my school year is an adventure as always, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    welcome back and I look forward to your posts.

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