Spring Break 2013!!!!

School’s out for 2 weeks!

I made some changes to the site layout and background.
Back in April.

Black as Hell

While taking pictures before spring break:

J takes a picture of M and then they look at it.
J: You black as hell.
Mr. C: You can’t really see M.
J: How you gon’ be so black you can’t see you in the daytime. That’s fucked up.
Mr. C: We can turn the flash on.

Pillow, Blanket, and Court Date

One of my students walked in at 7 and went to sleep on the tile floor of the classroom. After 2 hours they woke up and we had this conversation.

Mr. C: You ready to get up yet?
S: Nah, I’m going back to sleep. I been up for 4 days.
Mr. C: What?
S: I ain’t slept.
Mr. C: Why not?
S: I been stressed.
Mr. C: Stressed about what?
S: If I’m goin’ to jail or not.
Mr. C: Well what’s the latest?
S: I gotta go back to court. April 8th, at 1 aclock.
Mr. C: Well you just went so that’s not too bad if you have another one.
S: You gotta pillow and a blanket in here?
Mr. C: No, I do not.
S: Fuck.
(lays head back down and goes to sleep.)

Heely’s and Tony Hawk

A discussion on “Heely’s.”
K: Do you know them shoes that you can be rollin around on?
Mr. C: Heely’s?
K: Yeah, when they first came out, my brother and I got our first pair at the same time.
Mr. C: Oh yeah?
K: We skated down the aisles while my mom was shopping.
Mr. C: That sounds fun.
K: We were skating everywhere we wanted to skate.
S: I got me a pair of those too.
Mr. C: They were pretty popular for a while.
S: Yeah I was Tony Hawking down the hallways, having too much fun.
Mr. C: Well until they banned them from the schools.
K: Yeah, they was fun though.
To my knowledge, this is the first time Tony Hawk has been used as a verb.


One of my juniors told this joke this morning:
K: If the world was made out of a jacket, where would all the black people live?
Mr. C: I don’t know, the pocket?
K: In the hood.
Mr. C: Ah, clever.

The Executioner

A discussion on vocabulary words used in the Count of Monte Cristo.

Mr. C: What is an executioner?
D: Someone who executes you.
Mr. C: Yes, but be more specific.
D: Someone who flips the last switch on yo life.
Mr. C: Alright, I’ll take that.

Cocaine and Food Stamps

A conversation in the hall on the way back from the bathroom.
S: My baby momma called.
S: I’m about to get on the city bus.
Mr. C: No you have to stay here,
S: I need some cocaine in my system.
Mr. C: I don’t like the sound of that.
S: You know I’m poor cause I only got 5 dollars in my pocket. I got this off the food stamp card.
Mr. C: I keep my money in the bank.

Good Dog

Write a story about something important to you:

Well I have a dog she is a good dog she look out for me when I’m sleep. She make sure the houes is on and she knows how to catch the ball when I tell her to and she give it back when I tell her to. She is not a mean dog but when I tell her to she will be tho. If she don’t know you she will try to fight you and she like to fight other dogs to. But that my dog and she is good she raelly nice once she get to know you she will like you. But that all I have to say about my dog and that is the end. Well let talk about me I I’m a good people I dont really like to fight but if I have to I will so you really dont wanna do that.

My students have good intentions.