Spring Break 2013!!!!

School’s out for 2 weeks!

I made some changes to the site layout and background.
Back in April.

Black as Hell

While taking pictures before spring break:

J takes a picture of M and then they look at it.
J: You black as hell.
Mr. C: You can’t really see M.
J: How you gon’ be so black you can’t see you in the daytime. That’s fucked up.
Mr. C: We can turn the flash on.

Pillow, Blanket, and Court Date

One of my students walked in at 7 and went to sleep on the tile floor of the classroom. After 2 hours they woke up and we had this conversation.

Mr. C: You ready to get up yet?
S: Nah, I’m going back to sleep. I been up for 4 days.
Mr. C: What?
S: I ain’t slept.
Mr. C: Why not?
S: I been stressed.
Mr. C: Stressed about what?
S: If I’m goin’ to jail or not.
Mr. C: Well what’s the latest?
S: I gotta go back to court. April 8th, at 1 aclock.
Mr. C: Well you just went so that’s not too bad if you have another one.
S: You gotta pillow and a blanket in here?
Mr. C: No, I do not.
S: Fuck.
(lays head back down and goes to sleep.)

Heely’s and Tony Hawk

A discussion on “Heely’s.”
K: Do you know them shoes that you can be rollin around on?
Mr. C: Heely’s?
K: Yeah, when they first came out, my brother and I got our first pair at the same time.
Mr. C: Oh yeah?
K: We skated down the aisles while my mom was shopping.
Mr. C: That sounds fun.
K: We were skating everywhere we wanted to skate.
S: I got me a pair of those too.
Mr. C: They were pretty popular for a while.
S: Yeah I was Tony Hawking down the hallways, having too much fun.
Mr. C: Well until they banned them from the schools.
K: Yeah, they was fun though.
To my knowledge, this is the first time Tony Hawk has been used as a verb.


One of my juniors told this joke this morning:
K: If the world was made out of a jacket, where would all the black people live?
Mr. C: I don’t know, the pocket?
K: In the hood.
Mr. C: Ah, clever.

The Executioner

A discussion on vocabulary words used in the Count of Monte Cristo.

Mr. C: What is an executioner?
D: Someone who executes you.
Mr. C: Yes, but be more specific.
D: Someone who flips the last switch on yo life.
Mr. C: Alright, I’ll take that.

Cocaine and Food Stamps

A conversation in the hall on the way back from the bathroom.
S: My baby momma called.
S: I’m about to get on the city bus.
Mr. C: No you have to stay here,
S: I need some cocaine in my system.
Mr. C: I don’t like the sound of that.
S: You know I’m poor cause I only got 5 dollars in my pocket. I got this off the food stamp card.
Mr. C: I keep my money in the bank.