Force Fed Pudding

One of my seniors brought some pudding into my class:
J: Mr. C you want some?
Mr. C: No I can’t eat that pudding.
J: You need to start eating!
Mr. C: I do eat, just not that
J: Mr. C gon make me come over to his house and force feed his ass.
S: Haha, put a tube down his throat.
Mr. C: That is not necessary.


American Flag

While my students were working, one of my students started singing:
S: Damn I hate bein’ sober. I’m a smoker…
Mr. C: S please stop singing.
S: Mr. C I’m gon stab you with that american flag sittin’ there.
Mr. C: (double take) What? How did you go from singing a song to wanting to stab me with an american flag?
S: (Silent stare.)
Mr. C: Your impulsive tendencies are starting to worry me.