Young Junkie

One of my juniors told this story this morning:
I knew this young junkie named D.

Young junkie came up to me, I was wit my Momma and my Granny, on the porch.
The porch about the size of these 3 tables.
I hopped off the porch, and I come down the steps.
Young junkie says “Hey you got a little 20 for me today?”
I walked past and say “What the hell?”
She walk straight up to my Momma and Granny and say “Y’all alone, y’all working?”
And I was like “Who is you? Get the fuck away from my porch!”

CK Fresh

I walk into a classroom and a student immediately sprays me with cologne.
Mr. C: Uggh L! Why did you do that?!
L: Now you smell fresh.
Mr. C: I smelled fine before.
L: No you didn’t.
Mr. C: I hate cologne.
L: You don’t like Calvin Klein?
Mr. C: No, I don’t like any of that stuff.
L: Now you smell like me.
Mr. C: I was fine with smelling like me.