Hot Like a Slave Ship

On the way back from breakfast.
D: It’s hot in this school.
Mr. C: Well take your jacket off.
D: Nah, it’s hot like a slave ship.
Mr. C: Hot like a slave ship? Really D? You are going to try to pull that?
D: Yeah you know like back in the day.
Mr. C: Well first of all this is a school, not a slave ship. And secondly we have air conditioning.


DNN Party

One of my students has a birthday in May and they were talking about their birthday party plans.
K: I’m gon have my part on the last day of school, cause we don’t get our food stamps until the 19th.
Mr. C: Oh okay.
D: Can I come?
K: Yeah but I’m gon keep it small. I don’t want it to get too crazy.
Mr. C: Probably a good idea.
K: It’s gonna be a DNN party.
Mr. C: A what?
K: DNN, Damn near naked. Haha, nah I’m just playin’.

So High Saturday

In the morning during homeroom.
D: What did everybody do Saturday?
Mr. C: Umm well (cut off)
D: Well I’ll tell you what I did. I went over to my friend’s house and smoked some blunts. I was so high.
Mr. C: Well that’s inappropriate.
D: All my friend’s was passed out on the floor.
Mr. C: Okay new subject.