Cheerios Promise

I was eating some cheerios after lunch:
S: Hey can I get some of those?
Mr. C: You just had lunch!
S: I know but I’m hungry. You ain’t gon share with me?
Mr. C: Just a little. (pours some into their hand).
S: I appreciate that Mr. C, even though I put my hands on you.
Mr. C: Well you have to make sure you don’t ever do that again. (Looks straight into their eyes.)
S: I promise I will never do that again.



150th post!


Walking down the hall from ISS:
L: Hey Mr C.
Mr. C: Hey L.
L: I got diarrhea.
Mr. C: Oh no, I hate when I get diarrhea.
L: You be gettin’ diarrhea?
Mr. C: Yeah sometimes.

Hands On

The student that I had to press charges on came back to school this morning after being suspended for 5 days.
(I walk in the door.)
Mr. C: Hey S.
S: I’m sorry Mr. C, you just got on my bad side.
Mr. C: It is alright S.
S: I won’t put my hands on a teacher again. I don’t want to go back to juvenile.
Mr. C: Good.
M: You got arrested?
S: Yeah Mr. C got me arrested.
Mr. C: No, that was actually over my head. That was the principal’s decision.
S: Oh. Well that cop was a bitch. I asked him to go get my hat and he didn’t.
Mr. C: I’m sure he had a lot of other things on his mind.