Donald Trump

In the middle of class:
R: You know who I saw yesterday?
L: Who?
R: Donald Trump
Mr. C: Right.
R: Nah I’m playin’.
R: But if Donald Trump drop $500, he keep on walkin’.
L: What?
Mr. C: Yeah I heard that. I think it’s $100, but it cost him more money to reach down and pick it up.
L: Nah…
R: Yeah. He won’t drop down and pick it up, he just keep on walkin’.
L: Oh shit, he need to come to town!
Mr. C: What, would you just walk behind him and wait for him to drop money?
L: Hell yeah I straight up walk up to him and say:
“Mr. Trump, you got change for a 20?”
And he be all like “I’m sorry I only got $100’s”
And then I know he would drop some of that.
Mr. C: That’s an interesting theory.
L: That’s how you know you rich.
Mr. C: Well he definitely knows he is rich.



S walks in with a limp:
S: Damn man I gotta go to the hospital when I get home.
Mr. C: Why is that?
S: Cause I think I sprained my ankle.
Mr. C: Oh.
S: I ain’t been to the doctor yet.
Mr. C: What did you do to it?
S: I think I sprained it playin’ basketball at the house.
Mr. C: Oh yeah?
S: When I went up to dunk it, when I come back down it twisted like this right here, it went backwards and twisted, that shit hurt.
Mr. C: Ouch. I bet.
Later S was walking without a limp but oddly had a limp again around other students and staff, a medical mystery.