Mental Jacket People

We had to break the news of the school closing down to the students, and some took it better than others.
K: This is some bullshit.
Mr. C: I know, it is unfair, for all of us. Teachers are losing their jobs and you guys are losing your school.
K: I don’t care no more.
Mr. C: You can still care, and you need to be able to transition.
K: Think about it, we gon’ to a new school.
D: I been here since 9th grade.
K: It’s a new environment. There some bloods at the school I go to. I’m gon’ pop somebody.
D: I’m gon’ end up there too.
K: You gon’ somewhere with they mental jacket people. Nah I’m just playin’.
Mr. C: Everything is going to be fine guys.

I hope everything will be fine for them.

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