I overheard this conversation between my 8th Graders:
J: Do you ever blink and your eyes water?
M: Yeah, when I get whoopin’s.
J: Yeah me too.
M: One day my momma whipped me and I (fart noise)
J: For real?
M: My farts been funky lately.
When I fart in the shower, it stinks.


Doody In Yo Drawers

Overheard last year in Culinary Arts with my 8th Graders:
J: You straight did doody in yo drawers.
M: Nah I was just playin’ that day.
I straight farted and I told you I did, but I didn’t.
J: Nah bra.
M: They told me to to the bafroom and check my drawers. I did, and there was nothin’.
I was just playin’ bra.