8th graders making fun of each other:

C: You need a leash for your breath cause yo breath stink.
J: I brush my teeth every morning bra.
C: You need to swallow some Listerine bra.
Mr. C: You don’t drink Listerine. Let’s get back to work.
D: Haha yeah, you don’t drink Listerine C, haha.
M: You tryin’ to drink some alcohol bra? Haha. Gettin’ drunk on some Listerine.
C: Man whatever bra.


S: Is my ear supposed to be this big?
Mr. C: I don’t know. It looks swollen.
S: It hurts like hell.
Mr. C: Yeah. When did you get it pierced?
S: I done it myself.
Mr. C: Well that could be a reason why it hurts. But stop touching it, it’s not making it any better. It could be infected.
S: Guess what though.
Mr. C: What?
S: I poured some alcohol on it.

Open Containers

The principal made this announcement before letting the kids in the door this morning:

Staff, this morning we need to check any students with open containers. There has been a rumor that students have been drinking alcohol on the bus, so we need to check all open containers and cups they bring in.

Just give them a sniff when they come in this morning.
I will make an announcement and tell the kids not to bring open containers anymore.

Thank you.