DNN Party

One of my students has a birthday in May and they were talking about their birthday party plans.
K: I’m gon have my part on the last day of school, cause we don’t get our food stamps until the 19th.
Mr. C: Oh okay.
D: Can I come?
K: Yeah but I’m gon keep it small. I don’t want it to get too crazy.
Mr. C: Probably a good idea.
K: It’s gonna be a DNN party.
Mr. C: A what?
K: DNN, Damn near naked. Haha, nah I’m just playin’.

Maths: “42” is the New “27”

(Mr. C birthday edition)

4th block with my 10th graders:


K charges into the room.

K: Happy birthday Mr. C! I heard they say it on the intercom this mornin’.
Mr. C: Thank You Keyvonte.
S:  (comes in) Happy Birthday Mr. C!  (sings the entire birthday song.)
Mr. C: That was sweet, thank you Carlita.
S: How old you is? 28?
Mr. C: No, 27, but you were really close.
S: Ah damn I was just guessin’.
K: Nah Mr. C is 42 years old. He was born in 1966.
Mr. C: That math doesn’t work out but I assure you I’m not that old.


(Tomorrow is my birthday, so this is a special edition.)

1st Block with my Seniors:
R: What’s tomorrow?
Mr. C: Friday, it’s my birthday actually.
R: Ah yeah! I’m gon’ smoke a blunt wit you on your burfday.
Mr. C: Thanks but I don’t smoke, anything.
R: Well we is gon’ drink den.
Mr. C: Ehh…, I appreciate it though.
R: Come on Mr. C, you gotta shake it!