Wet Bra

I overheard this conversation about t-shirt design:
D: I don know what color I’m gon’ have on my shirt.
J: Get white and red bra, and red and black bra.
D: Uhh that’s gon be wet bra.
J: It gon’ say “all I do is win, win, win.”
D: On the back it say “no matta what, twt.”
J: Bra it gonna stand out, bra, if it on yo shirt bra.
D: I be gon’ to those parties with that shirt on, and shaking it.

Terrorize This

Coming downstairs after breakfast I passed one of my students.
Mr. C: What’s up K?
K: Oh what up Mr. C, where you at?
Mr. C: Upstairs.
J: Yeah he with us, we gon’ terrorize him.
K: Nah. Mr. C, that’s my nigga, he really black.

(I’m not really black.)

Black as Hell

While taking pictures before spring break:

J takes a picture of M and then they look at it.
J: You black as hell.
Mr. C: You can’t really see M.
J: How you gon’ be so black you can’t see you in the daytime. That’s fucked up.
Mr. C: We can turn the flash on.


One of my juniors told this joke this morning:
K: If the world was made out of a jacket, where would all the black people live?
Mr. C: I don’t know, the pocket?
K: In the hood.
Mr. C: Ah, clever.


Juniors, 3rd Block:
Mr. C: Why are you wearing shorts?
S: Cause it’s hot.
Mr. C: It’s freezing in here.
S: You know why I’m hot?
Mr. C: No?
S: Because of this black shirt I’m wearing.
Mr. C: What?
S: If I wear a black shirt or black pants, I start sweating.
Mr. C: Why?
S: I don’t know why, I just do.
Mr. C: That doesn’t make any sense.
S: It’s true.

No, I’m black.

In the hall on the way to lunch:
T: (opens door into hallway) Mr. C, are you going downstairs?
Mr. C: Yeah, we are going to lunch.
T: Can you get me some ketchup?
Mr. C: Sure, how many do you want? 2?
T: No, I’m black.
Mr. C: Okay… so 3, 4?
T: Gimme 6.
Mr. C: I’ll get you 7.
T: Okay.