(Tomorrow is my birthday, so this is a special edition.)

1st Block with my Seniors:
R: What’s tomorrow?
Mr. C: Friday, it’s my birthday actually.
R: Ah yeah! I’m gon’ smoke a blunt wit you on your burfday.
Mr. C: Thanks but I don’t smoke, anything.
R: Well we is gon’ drink den.
Mr. C: Ehh…, I appreciate it though.
R: Come on Mr. C, you gotta shake it!

Legalize Parsley

2nd Block:
D was in ISS for most of the period but came in for the last 10 minutes of class. I was in the middle of a lecture on the difference between herbs and spices, and had examples out on a table.

D immediately grabs the parsley and tries to pour it on a sheet of paper, but I stop him.

D: Hey I was ’bout to roll myself a fat blunt.
Mr. C: You won’t get high off parsley. It’s an herb, but not that kind of herb.