Books on Tape

A discussion on pasta…
Mr. C: M, what are the two different types of pasta?
M: You irkin’.
Mr. C: I’m irkin’?
M: Yeah.
Mr. C: Because you cant answer a question, I’m irkin’?
M: (blank stare.)
Mr. C: It’s in the paragraph you just read.
M: (nothing)
Mr. C: What do you think it is J?
J: I hate reading; you sposed ta have a tape for these books so we can listen to ‘em.

Fahrenheit 706

2nd Block with 8th Graders:
Mr. C:  Turn to page 706.
J: 706?
Mr. C: Yes.

(A few moments later)

D: What page is we on?
Mr. C: Page 706, I’ve now said that 3 times.
D:  There is no page 706, is you high?
Mr. C: Do you know your numbers? 1 2 3 4 5 6  706.
D: You tryin’ to burn.
Mr. C: I just did.

I don’t work with books

1st Block with my Seniors:

C showed up for the 4th time this whole semester. He was writing on the desk when I walked up to him.
Mr.C:  How about we write on our paper instead of the desk? And you need to put up your mp3 player.
C: I dont work with books.
Mr.C: You don’t what?
C:  I don’t work with books. I hate books. I know my life is like a movie. I don’t like reading the bible. I like to listen. I don’t like books.
Mr. C: Why?
C: Why I don’t like books? I grew up with the consequences of books. When i’m not books, when i’m not studying or reading books, I get in trouble.
Mr. C: You won’t get in trouble, I just want you to do some definitions so I can get you some grades, you haven’t been to class in a while.
C:  Look at my eyes.
Mr. C: You look sleepy, but it’s early in the morning.
C:  I’m really fucked up right now. I smoked 3 blunts, took 4 xanax.