Juice Tease

During Breakfast:
R: I hate these juices.
Mr. C: Because they are so small?
R: Yeah! They a tease.
Like when you drink it, you be like damn this is so good, and then it’s gone.
Mr. C: Yeah I never understood that. They give you guys the same size juices
they give to elementary students. It doesn’t make sense.
R: Yeah, and I get to the end and I be so mad.
Mr. C: They should give you guys the carton of milk size.
R: But then everybody be stealing the juice.
Mr. C: Well you guys do already anyway.
R: That’s true.

Cherish Moments

On the way back from breakfast:
M: He a sentimental ass nigga.
R: Me for some reason I cherish moments.
Mr. C: Yeah?
R: Every moment we be together, I be like damn that moment good as hell.
Mr. C: That’s nice.
R: Like I been with my cousins since we was in diapers.
And now I just be like, damn I’m bored.

Terrorize This

Coming downstairs after breakfast I passed one of my students.
Mr. C: What’s up K?
K: Oh what up Mr. C, where you at?
Mr. C: Upstairs.
J: Yeah he with us, we gon’ terrorize him.
K: Nah. Mr. C, that’s my nigga, he really black.

(I’m not really black.)

Beast on the Court

One of my students was talking about tattoos during breakfast.
M: Someone told me that you can’t get a tattoo if you diabetic.
Mr. C: Well the needles might cause a problem.
M: Why?
R: The needle goes in the skin and bleeds.
M: It does?
R: Yeah. (Pulls up his shirt to reveal a lion on the left, Jesus in the middle, and a basketball on the right.) See?
M: Yeah.
Mr. C: What does it mean?
R: Jesus be watching over me and my basketball career.
Mr. C: What is the lion for?
R: Cause I’m a beast on the court and he’s the king of the jungle ya feel me?

Finger Lickin’ Good

During breakfast:
R: Hey y’all ever eat something was so god damnit good that you didnt want–
K: It to finish?
R: Hell yeah!
Mr. C: Yeah I know what you’re talking about. Like desserts.
R: One time my grandmammy took me out for boneless ribs and I swear i be lickin’ my fingers and everythang.

Meat Juice

I went into a classroom to retrieve some juices that a student left in there from breakfast.
P: Give that man his juices.
Mr. C: That’s what I’m here for.
T: You his doughboy.
Mr. C: What? I’m going to drink these juices myself. That’s why I’m getting them.
P: You can’t even drink those juices.
Mr. C: Why not? It’s juice, it’s made out of grapes.
P: Nah it’s made out of meat.
Mr. C: Gross. You would drink meat juice!?
P: (Silence)
I leave the classroom.

Hot Like a Slave Ship

On the way back from breakfast.
D: It’s hot in this school.
Mr. C: Well take your jacket off.
D: Nah, it’s hot like a slave ship.
Mr. C: Hot like a slave ship? Really D? You are going to try to pull that?
D: Yeah you know like back in the day.
Mr. C: Well first of all this is a school, not a slave ship. And secondly we have air conditioning.


In the cafeteria getting breakfast:

K: Mr. C, I ain’t gonna lie, you look itty today.

Itty now means fresh which means I have style.