Broken Nail Emergency

3rd block with seniors, very beginning of class:
S walks in.
S: Can I call my granny?
Mr. C: Why?
S: I just broke my nail, let me call my granny.
Mr. C: No.
S: It’s an emergency.
Mr. C: Breaking your nail is not an emergency.
S: My granny goin’ get mad at me.
Mr. C: Well you’re granny can’t do anything about your nail right now.
S: She gotta make an appointment for me.
Mr. C: I think that can wait until the end of class, it’s not that crucial.
S: Fuck this shit then. I’m gonna walk out.
Mr. C: Walk where? The office isn’t going to let you use the phone.
S: I ain’t doin’ no work today.
(She storms off and throws her book with her work on the floor.)
I walk over and help another student with their work and S walks over to my desk and proceeds to use the phone to call her granny.
Mr. C: S get off the phone.
I walk over and tell her once again to get off the phone.
S: No.
I unplug the phone from the wall.
S: Fuck this shit. She takes everything on my desk, papers, grade book, and pushes it off onto the floor and storms out.
Mr. C: S come back and pick this stuff up.
(She storms down the hall into the office.)
I call the office and tell them she is L.D.A. (leaving designated area)
I had to write her up for, LDA, defiance, disrespect, abusive language, and physical aggression.
Some of my students have very short tempers.
But they need to grow up.