Fahrenheit 706

2nd Block with 8th Graders:
Mr. C:  Turn to page 706.
J: 706?
Mr. C: Yes.

(A few moments later)

D: What page is we on?
Mr. C: Page 706, I’ve now said that 3 times.
D:  There is no page 706, is you high?
Mr. C: Do you know your numbers? 1 2 3 4 5 6  706.
D: You tryin’ to burn.
Mr. C: I just did.

What ’bout my chips!?

1st Block with my Seniors:

We were making taki chips (corn flour tortillas, hot sauce, steak seasoning, caribbean jerk seasoning, garlic, and salt) and had just put them in the oven when the fire alarm went off:
Mr. C: Alright, let’s go.
J: Mannnnnnnn! What ‘bout my chips?
Mr. C: I turned the oven off; they will just cook a little while we’re gone.
J: They gunna burn!
Mr. C: We’re going to burn if we don’t get out of here, now let’s go.
It turned out that someone just pulled the fire alarm, so we came back in and finished cooking. The chips were delicious. But the reality of the situation was that one of my students was more worried about chips than the possibility of an actual fire. Hmm…