Party Time

I overheard this conversation in the cafeteria:
M: Bra I been goin’ to parties since I was 7.
J: You ain’t been to more parties than me bra. I’m 2 years older than you brah, I been to more parties.
M: Bra you only 14, how you goin’ be 2 years older than me.
J: I been goin’ to parties since I was 8. When I was 8 I did more things than I do now.

You ain’t my Gal

A conversation overheard between two Seniors in the cafeteria during lunch:

(Student gets up from table and walks towards the door.)
S: Where you goin’?
J: I’m leavin’.
S: But we spose ta eat lunch together.
J: Fuck yo lunch. You ain’t my gal. (walks off)

Harsh. These boys can be brutal.

Yo Momma…

8th Graders:
M: You slow.
J: How am I slow bra?
M: Yo momma slow.
J: Yo whole family slow.
M: Nah, I bet my momma make mo money dan yours.
J: Nah brah, I my momma gotta better job than yo mama.
M: What yo momma do?
J: She work at a health place.
M: What is dat?
J: It’s where you…I don’t know what it is bra but she makes alotta money.
M: She work wit old people?
J: Nah brah.
M: I was ’bout ta say my momma been done havin’ that job.
J: My momma make so much money I gotta be on reduced lunch in the cafertera.


In the cafeteria getting breakfast:

K: Mr. C, I ain’t gonna lie, you look itty today.

Itty now means fresh which means I have style.