Boxer Briefs and Chubby Chase

In 2nd Block, I tuned into this part of the conversation with my 8th graders.
(warning contains abusive/offensive language)

D: Dude was in his boxers.
J: The fuck?
M: Haha! Boxer briefs lookin’ ass nigga.
J: I wasn’t in my boxers bra.
D: You was, and you was talkin to this big girl.
J: What big girl I talk to?
D: You know who I’m talking ’bout.
J: What big girl I talk to?! Bra!
M: Chubby chase!
J: I just said I like girls with a little meat on dey bones.
J: Pinky got a little meat on her bones.
D: She big bra.
M: She is bra.