Vegan Restaurant

I was eating a cookie…
J: that brownie aint made with no eggs is it?
Mr. C: No, but it’s a cookie.
J: What in it?
Mr. C: Flaxseed, almond milk and apple cider vinegar, plus the flour sugar and chocolate.
J: That ain’t no real cookie.
Mr. C: Yes it is.
J: I’m openin’ up a vegan restaurant and let Mr. C run it.
Cause he be making shit nobody ever heard of.
Mr. C: Alright.

Cookie Dog

3rd Block with Juniors:
T: I’m hungry.
Mr. C: Me too. That Oreo I got from Dasha helped tide me over though.
T: Uh huh.
Mr. C: Oreo’s are a vegan cookie by the way.
T: No it ain’t, it got dog in it.
Mr. C: You would eat a cookie if it had dog in it?
T: Prolly.