Graduation Party

Last Friday was my Senior’s last day, they had their graduations this past weekend. Well on Friday two of my students walked out during dismissal which resulted in All Day ISS.
Mr. C: R You know you have all day today.
R: Oh man, I went all weekend not thinking bout it, and now I gotta do my time.
Mr. C: Yep.
R: And man Mr. C, I had a good weekend too.
Mr. C: Well that’s good.
R: I went to my cousin’s graduation. Then after my cousin’s graduation, I got high.
Then we went to a graduation party, we got high.
Everybody in the parties, my aunties and my granny’s just watched us,
and they knew I was getting high.
Mr. C: Alright I got it.
R: We got to the point where we couldn’t even stand.
Mr. C: How was the graduation?
R: How ’bout this Mr. C, she didn’t do a dance when they called her name. When they call my name, I’m about to shake it across the stage. She didn’t do nothin’!
Mr. C: Well she was probably was just trying to get it over with. She wanted to get her
diploma and seal the deal.
R: Hell yeah, before they tried to take it away from her.
Mr. C: Exactly. She worked hard for it.
R: Hell yeah.

Cherish Moments

On the way back from breakfast:
M: He a sentimental ass nigga.
R: Me for some reason I cherish moments.
Mr. C: Yeah?
R: Every moment we be together, I be like damn that moment good as hell.
Mr. C: That’s nice.
R: Like I been with my cousins since we was in diapers.
And now I just be like, damn I’m bored.

Cousins Cousins

Talking about Presidents and how some were related to others, we ended up on the topic of incest.

T: I know a dude who went wit his cousin.
Mr. C: How do you know them?
T: Maurice, he went here.
Mr. C: How do you know that?
T: It’s his sister’s baby cousin Stacey.
Mr. C: Are they really cousins?
T: Yeah they cousins cousins. Like come ova yo house and eat stuff out yo fridge cousins. They didn’t know till tha baby came out.
Mr. C: Wow they had a baby?
T: Yeah and his baby got an extra finger, like fo real. No bullshtuff.
Mr. C: So if I see Maurice, I can ask him about having a baby with his cousin.
T: Yeah and ask him about tha finger.