The End

This is the last day this school will be open.

This was one of my students last journal entries.
I knew this school was not the place for me. Everything seemed different. I basically stayed to myself. I really didn’t like coming, I hated this school. Me and my mother’s relationship was trying to improve, things were getting better for me. A couple of months went by and I’m still here. It’s been almost a year! I recently just found out that this school is closing next year and it’s like my dreams are crushed, because this is no ordinary school this is a home and it’s full of family. I’ve gotten my life back on track and my behavior has improved. Me and my mom has a better relationship and I’m doing great for myself.

In the beginning my life, like water going down the drain, I finally pulled the plug and all my troubles are gone. I love this school at first I didn’t like it, I really never knew how great it really was. I should’ve always listened when I hear the phrase, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

This is the last post.
Time to clean out my classroom.
Thanks for reading.

New Swag

One of my seniors walks into my classroom and notices my haircut:
N: Mr. C you look different.
K: Yeah he got that new swag.
N: He look totally different.
Mr. C: You like it?
N: Yeah.
Mr. C: I dig it too.