Juice Tease

During Breakfast:
R: I hate these juices.
Mr. C: Because they are so small?
R: Yeah! They a tease.
Like when you drink it, you be like damn this is so good, and then it’s gone.
Mr. C: Yeah I never understood that. They give you guys the same size juices
they give to elementary students. It doesn’t make sense.
R: Yeah, and I get to the end and I be so mad.
Mr. C: They should give you guys the carton of milk size.
R: But then everybody be stealing the juice.
Mr. C: Well you guys do already anyway.
R: That’s true.


8th graders making fun of each other:

C: You need a leash for your breath cause yo breath stink.
J: I brush my teeth every morning bra.
C: You need to swallow some Listerine bra.
Mr. C: You don’t drink Listerine. Let’s get back to work.
D: Haha yeah, you don’t drink Listerine C, haha.
M: You tryin’ to drink some alcohol bra? Haha. Gettin’ drunk on some Listerine.
C: Man whatever bra.


(Tomorrow is my birthday, so this is a special edition.)

1st Block with my Seniors:
R: What’s tomorrow?
Mr. C: Friday, it’s my birthday actually.
R: Ah yeah! I’m gon’ smoke a blunt wit you on your burfday.
Mr. C: Thanks but I don’t smoke, anything.
R: Well we is gon’ drink den.
Mr. C: Ehh…, I appreciate it though.
R: Come on Mr. C, you gotta shake it!