Probation, Misdemeanors and Felonies

One of my students walked in this morning, and told me what happened last night.
S: What day is the last day of school?
Mr. C: May 24th.
S: I’m not gonna be here for the rest of the school year.
Mr. C: Why?
S: I really violated probation this time.
S: I’m not gonna see you guys for a while
Mr. C: Why?
S: I’m gettin’ locked up.
Mr. C: For what?
S: I got caught with drugs.
Mr. C: What drugs?
S: Weed.
Mr. C: That is just a misdemeanor, and you are only 17.
S: I got another misdemeanor for the pipe.
Mr. C: That still is not enough for jail time.
S: And I gotta felony for breaking and entering.
Mr. C: That will do it.
K: S you be stuntin’
S: I got proof, I can bring it up here.
I gotta go to court today or tomorrow.

When I spoke to their probation officer, I also found out the student stole a large amount of money.


A student walks in and begins to tell me what happened the day before.

S: I found out something yesterday.
Mr. C: What’s that?
S: I have ecstasy in my system.
Mr. C: Right now?
S: No someone done laced my marijuana with ecstasy. Doctor told me that.
Mr. C: I didn’t know you could smoke ecstasy.
S: The doctor said I could have died.
Mr. C: If you do too much you can die from any kind of drugs.
S: For a minute I thought I wasn’t coming back here.

Cuckoo for C a n n a b i s

One of my students has just learned how to search for things on the internet and came across an interesting article.
S: Hey Mr. C, what is  c  a  n  n  a  b  i–
Mr. C: Cannabis, it’s marijuana. What are you working on?
S: Ah they done gave him chocolate with weed in it.
Mr. C: Look, get your work finished and then you can look up drugs.
S: Okay.

Illegal Contraband

Morning in Homeroom:
K: I gotta question.
Mr. C: Yeah?
K: What is illegal contraband?
Mr. C: In the building or outside?
K: In here.
Mr. C: Weapons, drugs, pretty much anything you bring in the school that isn’t supposed to be here.
K: Oh.
Mr. C: Why?
K: One of the other teachers asked me that and I didn’t know what it meant so I asked you.
Mr. C: Well do you have illegal contraband?
K: I don’t know I might.
Mr. C: (Glare)
K: I’m just kidding.

Lockdown/Drug Ring


total lockdown security procedure at my school.
the police are here with search dogs going from classroom to classroom.
classrooms are locked and i’m holding my students until further notice.


lockdown is over.  it was just a small drug ring. they confiscated the drugs and took care of those involved.

all quiet on the western front.
classes now resume as per usual.