Finger Lickin’ Good

During breakfast:
R: Hey y’all ever eat something was so god damnit good that you didnt want–
K: It to finish?
R: Hell yeah!
Mr. C: Yeah I know what you’re talking about. Like desserts.
R: One time my grandmammy took me out for boneless ribs and I swear i be lickin’ my fingers and everythang.

Force Fed Pudding

One of my seniors brought some pudding into my class:
J: Mr. C you want some?
Mr. C: No I can’t eat that pudding.
J: You need to start eating!
Mr. C: I do eat, just not that
J: Mr. C gon make me come over to his house and force feed his ass.
S: Haha, put a tube down his throat.
Mr. C: That is not necessary.

Eat This Cereal!

2 cop cars were here this morning, which always makes the students anxious.

K: Why the cops is here?
Mr. C: They aren’t here for you.
K: Man, if they try to come up in my classroom, I’m gonna straight make ’em eat this cereal.
Mr. C: Well if they are hungry, that is probably what they would want.

Mardi Gras

In a discussion about current weather topics, New Orleans and Mardi Gras came up and we got off topic.
B: You been to New Orleans?
Mr. C: Yes.
B: You know how they make they spaghetti in new Orleans?
K: For mardi gras?
B: Yeah, they use that voodoo.
Mr. C: Mardi Gras can get a little out of hand.
B: They be doing stuff to they food.
Mr. C: What do you mean?
B: You know they spaghetti sauce?
K: Yeah. They put skulls in em?
B: No.
K: They put roaches in them?
Mr. C: Why would they put roaches in them? They have to eat the food.
B: Nah, they put blood in there.
Mr. C: What?
B: You know when a girl get her period? They put that in there.
Mr. C: Who told you that?
B: They do! My cousin came back with spaghetti, and she told me.
Mr. C: How did she know?
B: She ate it and said it was good.  That’s why I never touch spaghetti.
Mr. C: I think I would have heard about that.