L walked in my room and made a comment to B:
B: I know you wasn’t talking to me.
L: You wont do nothin’.
B: Man, what is you talking about! My hands is bisexual, I fight boys and girls!
Mr. C: Alright L, time to go.
I got the other student out of my room before it escalated.


1st Block:
Mr. C: What are you guys doing this summer?
K: I need to get a job.
B: I wanna work at the YMCA.
Mr. C: What do you want to do there?
B: Be a lifeguard, but I can’t swim.
Mr. C: Well you’re going to have to learn how to swim if you want to be a lifeguard.
T: You can’t swim!?
S: I got threw in the pool.
K: Yeah that’s how I learnt to swim too.
T: I fell off the diving board and I almost drownt. I swimmed and gave up halfway.
K I got in my first fight in the pool. Some nigga threw me in the 10 foot, and I was like Ahh!
Mr. C: So you had to learn for survival?
K: Yeah! About halfway down I started moving my arms and that was a wrap.
Mr. C: Well that’s one way to learn.

Good Dog

Write a story about something important to you:

Well I have a dog she is a good dog she look out for me when I’m sleep. She make sure the houes is on and she knows how to catch the ball when I tell her to and she give it back when I tell her to. She is not a mean dog but when I tell her to she will be tho. If she don’t know you she will try to fight you and she like to fight other dogs to. But that my dog and she is good she raelly nice once she get to know you she will like you. But that all I have to say about my dog and that is the end. Well let talk about me I I’m a good people I dont really like to fight but if I have to I will so you really dont wanna do that.

My students have good intentions.