Graduation Party

Last Friday was my Senior’s last day, they had their graduations this past weekend. Well on Friday two of my students walked out during dismissal which resulted in All Day ISS.
Mr. C: R You know you have all day today.
R: Oh man, I went all weekend not thinking bout it, and now I gotta do my time.
Mr. C: Yep.
R: And man Mr. C, I had a good weekend too.
Mr. C: Well that’s good.
R: I went to my cousin’s graduation. Then after my cousin’s graduation, I got high.
Then we went to a graduation party, we got high.
Everybody in the parties, my aunties and my granny’s just watched us,
and they knew I was getting high.
Mr. C: Alright I got it.
R: We got to the point where we couldn’t even stand.
Mr. C: How was the graduation?
R: How ’bout this Mr. C, she didn’t do a dance when they called her name. When they call my name, I’m about to shake it across the stage. She didn’t do nothin’!
Mr. C: Well she was probably was just trying to get it over with. She wanted to get her
diploma and seal the deal.
R: Hell yeah, before they tried to take it away from her.
Mr. C: Exactly. She worked hard for it.
R: Hell yeah.


At the end of a long Friday, one of my students threw a marker at a student because they said something about them.
Mr. C: You don’t need to throw markers at anyone.
D: But he said something about me.
Mr. C: He is ignoring you.
D: Why you even tryin’ to defend him, over there with yo self, if you get the molasses out yo ass you might actually hear somethin’.
Mr. C: Molasses out of my what?
D: If you get the molasses out yo ass.
Mr. C: What does that have to do with my hearing?
D: Mannn.

Truancy and Tattoos

A Senior missed a day of school and the discussion why led to even bigger things.

Mr. C: Why weren’t you here last Friday?
S: Yeah I got a tattoo.
Mr. C: That’s not a good enough excuse to miss school.
S: Well I missed the bus this morning, and my mom said she wouldn’t take me because she had somewhere to be.
Mr. C: How did you get to the tattoo shop?
S: Well I called my friend and he came and got me.
Mr. C: Why couldn’t your friend take you to school?
S: Well I went back to sleep and then I woke up at 10:30.
Mr. C: Oh, well you still have come to school.
S: Yeah…
Mr. C: So without a job, I have to ask, how did you get the money for a tattoo?
T: How you gon’ ask the girl about her money?
S: Well it’s a long story, and it’s kinda gross.
Mr. C: Okay.
S: Well I have this friend, and he offered me 26 dollars to suck his thang.
Mr. C: Oh.
S: But I didnt suck his thang! I washed his car and then he gave me 26 dollas.
Mr. C: Well first off I wouldn’t call that guy your friend.
S: I did the right thang!
Mr. C: Yes you did, but where do you go to get a $26 tattoo?
S: My friend took me to a guy’s house.
Mr. C: You went to a guy’s house to get the tattoo?!
S: Yeah.
Mr. C: That is not safe.
S: It was safe.
Mr. C: How is it safe?
S: Well I laid on his couch.
Mr. C: That wasn’t scary to you?
S: Nah, his girlfriend was comforting to me, she said: “We not goin’ kill you and stuff like that.”
Mr. C: Oh well, I definitely feel comfortable when you say something like that.
S: It was aight.
Mr. C: You have to be careful, you can’t put yourself in these situations.
S: I saw these girls doing coke, but I don’t do no dope or anything.
Mr. C: I am just worried that you trust people before they give you a chance not to. These situations could have been a lot worse. You have been very lucky. You just need to develop some boundaries.
S: I know.
Mr. C: I just want you to think before you act.


2nd block with my 8th graders:

3 of my students have not finished their work and therefore I did not let them cook with us today.
2 of them got mad about this.
They tried to leave the classroom and I would not let them.
K: Can I go to the bathroom?
Mr. C: Do one question, and I will let you go. You haven’t done any work.
(K pushes their stuff off the desk and pushes the desk)
K: Nah fuck that I’m leavin’.
(walks out the door)
As I’m writing them up, another students curses and walks over to me.
R: How you gon’ write her up for not doing nothin’?
Mr.C: Mind your business.
R: Don’t tell me what to do. You don’t tell us what to do. I’ll get the principal.
Mr. C: We can get the principal, and ‘Ill tell them how you’ve been acting.
R: I don’t give a shit about no principal.
Mr. C: Apparently.
(K walks back in)
K: And don’t even think about tryin’ to write me up for LDA.
Mr. C: I did write you up.
K: Fuck you.
Mr. C: Okay.
K: Fuck you, fuck this school and fuck this work you just gave me. Fuck your skinny ass, ugly as hell.
Mr. C: Well I’m ugly, what can I do about it?
K: Fuck you.
(The Educational Assistant walks in and I explain the situation and they take them both to ISS.)
K: Fuck this school.
(kicks a chair)
Mr. C: See you guys next Monday.


A student starts to escalate before dismissal:
S: I don’t give a fuck
Mr. C: Let’s watch the language.
S: Man I can curse if I want.
Mr. C: And you know the consequences of your actions.
S: It’s Friday, I ain’t gotta job and I ain’t got shit to do, so fuck you.
(Throws a chair and walks out of the room.)