Blessed Oil

M walked in the door, obviously irritated that they have to be here on the last 2 days of school:
Mr. C: Hey M.
M: I told y’all I didn’t want to be here today.
Mr. C: Yes you did.
M: My Grandmammy said “You’re going to school.” And I said “Not if I’m sick.”
Mr. C: Well you aren’t sick.
M: My Grandmammy doesn’t use medicine, she uses blessed oil. That stuff doesn’t work.
Mr. C: Hmm.


Finger Lickin’ Good

During breakfast:
R: Hey y’all ever eat something was so god damnit good that you didnt want–
K: It to finish?
R: Hell yeah!
Mr. C: Yeah I know what you’re talking about. Like desserts.
R: One time my grandmammy took me out for boneless ribs and I swear i be lickin’ my fingers and everythang.