Broken Nail Emergency

3rd block with seniors, very beginning of class:
S walks in.
S: Can I call my granny?
Mr. C: Why?
S: I just broke my nail, let me call my granny.
Mr. C: No.
S: It’s an emergency.
Mr. C: Breaking your nail is not an emergency.
S: My granny goin’ get mad at me.
Mr. C: Well you’re granny can’t do anything about your nail right now.
S: She gotta make an appointment for me.
Mr. C: I think that can wait until the end of class, it’s not that crucial.
S: Fuck this shit then. I’m gonna walk out.
Mr. C: Walk where? The office isn’t going to let you use the phone.
S: I ain’t doin’ no work today.
(She storms off and throws her book with her work on the floor.)
I walk over and help another student with their work and S walks over to my desk and proceeds to use the phone to call her granny.
Mr. C: S get off the phone.
I walk over and tell her once again to get off the phone.
S: No.
I unplug the phone from the wall.
S: Fuck this shit. She takes everything on my desk, papers, grade book, and pushes it off onto the floor and storms out.
Mr. C: S come back and pick this stuff up.
(She storms down the hall into the office.)
I call the office and tell them she is L.D.A. (leaving designated area)
I had to write her up for, LDA, defiance, disrespect, abusive language, and physical aggression.
Some of my students have very short tempers.
But they need to grow up.

Carrot Cake

During lunch:
K: You want this?
Mr. C: The banana? Yeah sure.
K: Cause I don’t be eatin’ no fruits and vegetables.
Mr. C: I love fruits and vegetables.
B: Shit I could never be vegetarian.
K: I mean I’ll try it, but I cant be consistent with it. I gotta have me a burger.
Mr. C: I eat burgers, veggie burgers.
K: You need to come over to my house on a Sunday.
Mr. C: You need to come over to my house on a Sunday!
K: I bet if you…boyyyyy.
Mr. C: What?
K: My granny make some stuff that make a nigga never wanna be a vegetarian.
Nah Mr. C be like “Man I got this carrot cake.”
And I be like “What the hell is a carrot cake?”
It’s prolly something good I never tasted before.
Mr. C: Yep.

Young Junkie

One of my juniors told this story this morning:
I knew this young junkie named D.

Young junkie came up to me, I was wit my Momma and my Granny, on the porch.
The porch about the size of these 3 tables.
I hopped off the porch, and I come down the steps.
Young junkie says “Hey you got a little 20 for me today?”
I walked past and say “What the hell?”
She walk straight up to my Momma and Granny and say “Y’all alone, y’all working?”
And I was like “Who is you? Get the fuck away from my porch!”