An email from my principal.
All students remain in classrooms with doors locked and blinds drawn.

The Police Department and the SWAT team are serving a warrant at a neighboring house.  Because we are not aware of the situation and have a report of police with drawn guns, we issued the lockdown alert as a precaution.  AT NO TIME were shots fired.  The Police Department came to the building and notified us that there was no need for lockdown at that our safety was not in jeopardy.

Thank you for your prompt response in helping our students to remain calm for this brief lockdown.

Kilts and Bras

In 2nd block, instead of doing their work, my 8th graders decided to have a conversation about guns and being shot.

(warning contains abusive/offensive language)
M: She got shot in her ass and didn’t know it.
D: How you gon’ get shot in your ass and not know it bra?
M: This girl got shot in her titty, she was all driving to the hospital and didn’t know.
J: Fo real?
M: My uncle got shot in his arm. He dead now though. A blood kilt him. Came all the way from Cali to kill him.
J: This nigga was a blood, then he got shot in his back, and then he switched to a G bra. I sware bra, I’m not lying bra, he switched bra. I said bra —
C: Shut up bra. He didn’t get shot in the back, he would be paralyzed bra.
J: My homie Robert was blood. Then this dude was trying to fight over this girl. He was burnin’ on him. He said man I’m gon pistol whip yo ass!
Mr. C: Alright, i’m tired of hearing about people getting shot, let’s get back to work.