A-Lister Beatle Celebrity

As more students notice my hair cut.
L: You cut your hair!
Mr. C: Yep.
L: Now you look like a celebrity.
Mr. C: So I cut my hair and now I’m famous?
R: Mr. C a celebrity, he’s an A-lister.
T: You look like one of them Beatles.
Mr. C: Whatever you say.

Let Me Braid Yo Hair.

My students always ask to do something with my hair.

S: Let me braid yo hair.
Mr. C: No.
S: Yes, so the people can see what I done.
Mr. C: I’m not going to walk around like your personal advertisement.
S: Haha.

White People Hair

Sitting at my desk, a student walks behind my desk and starts going through my drawers.

Mr. C: What are you doing in my drawers?
(walks behind my chair.)
Mr. C: Why are you behind my chair?
(She takes her hand and brushes over my hair with it.)
Mr. C: What are you doing?
S: You got that white people hair.
Mr. C: Well I am white.
S: Haha.