Deo for the B.O.

Beginning of 3rd block
S: Mr. C, you seen my deodorant?
Mr. C: No, it is not in here.
(S starts going through my drawers.)
Mr. C: Stop, it is not in there I promise.
S: The reason I need the deodorant, I ain’t gonna lie to you, my arms is funky as hell.
Mr. C: I believe it.

Young Junkie

One of my juniors told this story this morning:
I knew this young junkie named D.

Young junkie came up to me, I was wit my Momma and my Granny, on the porch.
The porch about the size of these 3 tables.
I hopped off the porch, and I come down the steps.
Young junkie says “Hey you got a little 20 for me today?”
I walked past and say “What the hell?”
She walk straight up to my Momma and Granny and say “Y’all alone, y’all working?”
And I was like “Who is you? Get the fuck away from my porch!”

Fast as Hell

A comment one of my juniors made during class:

I feel like March is going by fast as hell.
Mr. C: It’s April.
S: Oh.

New Tattoo

A discussion during lunch:

S: Mr. C I’m about to get a new tattoo.
Mr. C: Oh yeah?
S: I’m gon’ put m o b on my back.
Mr. C: Mob?
S: Yeah, mob gang.
Mr. C: Mob gang?
S: Yeah money over bitches.
Mr. C: I don’t think that’s a good idea.
S: It’s gon’ hurt like hell.
Mr. C: Well that would be another reason not to.

Black as Hell

While taking pictures before spring break:

J takes a picture of M and then they look at it.
J: You black as hell.
Mr. C: You can’t really see M.
J: How you gon’ be so black you can’t see you in the daytime. That’s fucked up.
Mr. C: We can turn the flash on.

My Daddy Ugly as Hell

3rd Block:
R: My daddy ugly though, I’m just gon’ tell you.
He’s ugly as hell.
You be like “Yo daddy ugly.”
And I be like “Nigga you tellin’ me this like I don’ know my daddy ugly.”