Say No to Gangs

1st block with juniors:

While walking down the hall.
T: Man Mr. C, don’t ever get in a gang.
Mr. C: I never did.
T: It’s like school.
Mr. C: You mean because you have to go, even if you don’t want to.
T: Yeah. (pulls out a piece of paper with writing.)
I have to memorize all of this in 2 days.
Mr. C: Initiation?
T: Yeah.


In the cafeteria getting breakfast:

K: Mr. C, I ain’t gonna lie, you look itty today.

Itty now means fresh which means I have style.


You a veggie!

2nd Block with 8th Graders

K: You got sarsages in here?
Mr. C: No, we will never cook with meat in here.
K: Oh I forgot you a veggie.

Cookie Dog

3rd Block with Juniors:
T: I’m hungry.
Mr. C: Me too. That Oreo I got from Dasha helped tide me over though.
T: Uh huh.
Mr. C: Oreo’s are a vegan cookie by the way.
T: No it ain’t, it got dog in it.
Mr. C: You would eat a cookie if it had dog in it?
T: Prolly.

Kilts and Bras

In 2nd block, instead of doing their work, my 8th graders decided to have a conversation about guns and being shot.

(warning contains abusive/offensive language)
M: She got shot in her ass and didn’t know it.
D: How you gon’ get shot in your ass and not know it bra?
M: This girl got shot in her titty, she was all driving to the hospital and didn’t know.
J: Fo real?
M: My uncle got shot in his arm. He dead now though. A blood kilt him. Came all the way from Cali to kill him.
J: This nigga was a blood, then he got shot in his back, and then he switched to a G bra. I sware bra, I’m not lying bra, he switched bra. I said bra —
C: Shut up bra. He didn’t get shot in the back, he would be paralyzed bra.
J: My homie Robert was blood. Then this dude was trying to fight over this girl. He was burnin’ on him. He said man I’m gon pistol whip yo ass!
Mr. C: Alright, i’m tired of hearing about people getting shot, let’s get back to work.