Hot Like a Slave Ship

On the way back from breakfast.
D: It’s hot in this school.
Mr. C: Well take your jacket off.
D: Nah, it’s hot like a slave ship.
Mr. C: Hot like a slave ship? Really D? You are going to try to pull that?
D: Yeah you know like back in the day.
Mr. C: Well first of all this is a school, not a slave ship. And secondly we have air conditioning.

Is Santa fo Real?

A conversation about the Legitimacy of Santa:
K: I swear I never thought that Santa wasn’t real. I was upset.
Mr. C: How did you find out?
K: I was sleepin’, and I heard a noise, and I got up around 2 o’clock, and I was all excited, ya feel me. I was like “Santa down there with my presents.”
And I went downstairs and my Uncle was down there eating cookies.
And I was like: “Those cookies are for Santa!”
I was hot bra.
Mr. C: I bet you were.


Juniors, 3rd Block:
Mr. C: Why are you wearing shorts?
S: Cause it’s hot.
Mr. C: It’s freezing in here.
S: You know why I’m hot?
Mr. C: No?
S: Because of this black shirt I’m wearing.
Mr. C: What?
S: If I wear a black shirt or black pants, I start sweating.
Mr. C: Why?
S: I don’t know why, I just do.
Mr. C: That doesn’t make any sense.
S: It’s true.

Wet Dog

8th graders:
K: Mr. C, why do people say that when white people sweat, they smell like a wet dog?
Mr. C: Do you know what a wet dog smells like?
K: Nah. But, I’m just sayin’, my momma say, “It is too hot outside, these white people need to get inside befo they smell like a wet dog.”
Mr. C: Well it just means that people stink, because they don’t wear deodorant or they just have body odor, and it smells like a wet dog.
K: That’s triflin’
Mr. C: Yeah.