Cousins Cousins

Talking about Presidents and how some were related to others, we ended up on the topic of incest.

T: I know a dude who went wit his cousin.
Mr. C: How do you know them?
T: Maurice, he went here.
Mr. C: How do you know that?
T: It’s his sister’s baby cousin Stacey.
Mr. C: Are they really cousins?
T: Yeah they cousins cousins. Like come ova yo house and eat stuff out yo fridge cousins. They didn’t know till tha baby came out.
Mr. C: Wow they had a baby?
T: Yeah and his baby got an extra finger, like fo real. No bullshtuff.
Mr. C: So if I see Maurice, I can ask him about having a baby with his cousin.
T: Yeah and ask him about tha finger.