The Real World

A conversation with Seniors:
S: We fixin’ to graduate N.
N: I know.
S: You ready to be out in the real world?
N: Yeah.
S: I’m not, I’m scared.
Mr. C: What are you worried about?
S: Cause I ain’t know how to do nothin’. I don’t know how to get a job. I
only had one interview.
Mr. C: Yeah, but you will learn.
S: Some of these students got put out when they turned 18. They didnt
have shit when they got put out. They just lost.
Mr. C: I know. It is rough.

This is so true, and I am scared for them.


1st Block:
Mr. C: What are you guys doing this summer?
K: I need to get a job.
B: I wanna work at the YMCA.
Mr. C: What do you want to do there?
B: Be a lifeguard, but I can’t swim.
Mr. C: Well you’re going to have to learn how to swim if you want to be a lifeguard.
T: You can’t swim!?
S: I got threw in the pool.
K: Yeah that’s how I learnt to swim too.
T: I fell off the diving board and I almost drownt. I swimmed and gave up halfway.
K I got in my first fight in the pool. Some nigga threw me in the 10 foot, and I was like Ahh!
Mr. C: So you had to learn for survival?
K: Yeah! About halfway down I started moving my arms and that was a wrap.
Mr. C: Well that’s one way to learn.


A student starts to escalate before dismissal:
S: I don’t give a fuck
Mr. C: Let’s watch the language.
S: Man I can curse if I want.
Mr. C: And you know the consequences of your actions.
S: It’s Friday, I ain’t gotta job and I ain’t got shit to do, so fuck you.
(Throws a chair and walks out of the room.)

Yo Momma…

8th Graders:
M: You slow.
J: How am I slow bra?
M: Yo momma slow.
J: Yo whole family slow.
M: Nah, I bet my momma make mo money dan yours.
J: Nah brah, I my momma gotta better job than yo mama.
M: What yo momma do?
J: She work at a health place.
M: What is dat?
J: It’s where you…I don’t know what it is bra but she makes alotta money.
M: She work wit old people?
J: Nah brah.
M: I was ’bout ta say my momma been done havin’ that job.
J: My momma make so much money I gotta be on reduced lunch in the cafertera.