Steve Winwood

Mr. D: I like your haircut.
Mr. C: Thank you.
Mr. D: You look like Steve Winwood from the 60’s.
Mr. C: That’s better than Justin Bieber which is what I’ve been getting all day.


During the break, I got my hair cut. It used to be long so it came as a shock to some of my students.
On the first day back from spring break, it became a topic of conversation.
The morning bell rings and one of my students walks down the hall:

K: Ah you got yo hair cut!
Mr. C: Yep, I took it all off, 8 inches.
K: My nigga got that Justin Bieber cut.
Mr. C: Justin Bieber is better than Jesus so I’ll take it.
K: Yeah I like it.
Mr. C: I’m saving a ton on shampoo too.
K: Haha.

A Justin Bieber Christmas

One of my seniors walked in my room sporting a justin bieber shirt:

Mr. C: “What happened T? Were all of your other shirts dirty?”
T: Blank condescending stare.
Mr. C: “If that was a Christmas present, it’s okay, Christmas is over.”
She left my classroom.