Rap Sheet Citation

Yesterday my student came to school late, walked out of ISS and into another classroom and whispered something to some students. When I tried to get them back in they ran down the stairs and out the back door of the building into a nearby neighborhood.
The student walked in this morning:
Mr. C: You booked it yesterday.
K: I what?
Mr. C: You ran, fast, you booked it out of school.
K: Yeah, but they got me.
Mr. C: What?
K: I got a motherfuckin’ citation.
(Pulls out a rolled up piece of paper and opens it up like a scroll and reads)

The juvenile was the passenger in his friend’s vehicle, pulled over in a PD investigative stop.
The juvenile was the suspect of being armed.
The juvenile was supposed to be in school at the time of the stop.
A pistol was found in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

Mr. C: Wow, that’s quite a rap sheet there.
K: Yeah.
Mr. C: Whose pistol was it?
K: Man I don’t even know.
D: How many strikes is that?
K: Pssh I gotta go to court.
Mr. C: Yeah.
K: And 9 times outta 10 they gon’ lock a nigga up.
I ain’t gon’ do no god damn time.
If I do a month, that ain’t shit.
Mr. C: This may be a reality check for you K. You can’t keep going around doing these things without consequences.
K: Yeah I gotta stop messing around, I just might as well go ahead and do my time.
Mr. C: Yeah.


First thing in the morning, student walks in and we have this conversation.

S: I ain’t gonna be here for a while.
Mr. C: Why?
S: I violated bra.
Mr. C: You what?
S: I violated probation.
Mr. C: What did you do?
S: I broke curfew.
Mr. C: What time is your curfew?
S: 8 ‘aclock.
Mr. C: That’s early. What time did you come in?
S: 11:30.
Mr. C: That’s late.
S: Yeah, and I also set 3 of ’em.
Mr. C: You what?
S: I set some shit on fire.
Mr. C: 3 what?
S: Trash cans.
Mr. C: Well that is arson.
S: Arson, ain’t that a fire?
Mr. C: Yeah.
S: Fuck!

Why is you late?

8th grade class:
My car broke down and I missed my first block class and was late to my 2nd block.
(I walk in the door)
K: Why is you late?
Mr. C: Well my car broke down on the way to work this morning, so I had to ride my bike here.
K: You rode a bike here? That’s petty.
Mr. C: Well I had to get here somehow.
K: Shit I woulda just stayed home and gone back ta bed.