Beast on the Court

One of my students was talking about tattoos during breakfast.
M: Someone told me that you can’t get a tattoo if you diabetic.
Mr. C: Well the needles might cause a problem.
M: Why?
R: The needle goes in the skin and bleeds.
M: It does?
R: Yeah. (Pulls up his shirt to reveal a lion on the left, Jesus in the middle, and a basketball on the right.) See?
M: Yeah.
Mr. C: What does it mean?
R: Jesus be watching over me and my basketball career.
Mr. C: What is the lion for?
R: Cause I’m a beast on the court and he’s the king of the jungle ya feel me?


Right from Left

Overheard in 4th Block:

S: I’m gon’ get a tattoo right here. (points to left cheek)
T: Of what?
S: A tear drop.
B: Who you kill?
S: Nobody.
K: Somebody see you out on the street they straight murk you.
T: What it mean?
S: It mean somebody die in the family, somebody you was close to.
K: Ah. right side for murder, left side for death in the family.