Born in the Gang

Mr. C: What made you join a gang?
K: I was born in the gang. I grew up around it, my family.
Mr. C: So it’s always been that way?
K: My whole life. This is all I’ve ever known.
It’s conversations like this that help me understand my students more.

Because You Told Me

Going over Subject Verb Agreement with Seniors:
Mr. C: What did you get for number 6?
S: Have.
Mr. C: Good, do you know why it is have?
S: Because you told me it was.
Mr. C: Well I’m not going to be telling you answers for the rest of your life, so we have to figure this out.
T: Haha.
S: Stop laughing T, it ain’t funny!

Court Rap

One of my 10th graders wrote this rap and gave it to me:

When I’m sittin’ in a courtroom
I say “Fuck you Judge.”
He say I got 25 to life.
I say “That’s fucked up cuz.”