Lock Down, Locked Up

One of the Assistants was arrested during a lock down today.
From the students and rumors I have reason to believe that one of the students planted a bag of weed in their bag.
One of my students was very upset about this.
K: They done got him locked up. They put some weed in a bag cuz.
All my real niggas is leavin’. If you go back downstairs, you tell my other teacher to kiss my nuts.
Mr. C: You know I’m not going to say that.
K: I ain’t gon’ listen to you. My homey been locked up.
Mr. C: I know, but standing out in the hall is not going to bring your homey back.
K: Yeah that’s true.
Mr. C: We are just going to have to wait and see what happens.

Books on Tape

A discussion on pasta…
Mr. C: M, what are the two different types of pasta?
M: You irkin’.
Mr. C: I’m irkin’?
M: Yeah.
Mr. C: Because you cant answer a question, I’m irkin’?
M: (blank stare.)
Mr. C: It’s in the paragraph you just read.
M: (nothing)
Mr. C: What do you think it is J?
J: I hate reading; you sposed ta have a tape for these books so we can listen to ‘em.