Extra Juicy

J left Culinary Arts and came to my classroom:
J: I just got finished cookin’ Mr. C.
Mr. C: Oh yeah? What did you cook?
J: Porkchops.
Mr. C: Okay. How did they turn out?
J: They gave me a 10 because they were extra juicy.
Mr. C: Uh uh.
J: You know what I mean Mr. C?
Mr. C: You’re talking to the wrong person about this, but I understand.
J: You know you used to eat things juicy when you ate meat.
Mr. C: No actually I really didn’t.

Meat Juice

I went into a classroom to retrieve some juices that a student left in there from breakfast.
P: Give that man his juices.
Mr. C: That’s what I’m here for.
T: You his doughboy.
Mr. C: What? I’m going to drink these juices myself. That’s why I’m getting them.
P: You can’t even drink those juices.
Mr. C: Why not? It’s juice, it’s made out of grapes.
P: Nah it’s made out of meat.
Mr. C: Gross. You would drink meat juice!?
P: (Silence)
I leave the classroom.