Real Respect

This is from the archives last year when I taught Culinary Arts and had 8th graders. It didn’t happen very often but I would lay the law down when I felt I needed to.

M: Give me my pencil so I can do my work.
Mr. C: Excuse me? I just sharpened this pencil for you and you said give it to me?
M: (blank stare)
Mr. C: All of you need to learn some respect. You talk to me like I’m not a teacher or something.
Mr. C: I am, and you don’t talk to me like that.
D: I ain’t never cursed you.
L: I respect you.
(Both students give me handshakes.)
M: I don’t even respect my daddy.
Mr. C: Well you’re going to respect me.

I didn’t understand this at the time, but I understand now why they didn’t have respect for adults. The adults and parents in their lives weren’t around enough to gain any respect from them.

“Gay” Pencil?

T: I need a pencil.
Mr. C: Here (hands pencil).
T: How you gon’ hand me a gay pencil?
Mr. C: I didn’t know pencils had a sexual preference, but okay.
T: Haha.
T: You handed me a hannah montana pencil.
Mr. C: Yeah? None of my male students complained when I handed them a hannah montana, or hello kitty pencil for that matter.

Middle Finger

Bringing class work to one of my juniors in ISS:

Mr. C: Do you have a pencil?
S: (Points middle finger at me)
Mr. C: Are you going to write with your middle finger?
S: Fuck you.
Mr. C: I’ll take that as a no. I’ll come back and get your work at the end of the class period.
S: Aight.