Probation, Misdemeanors and Felonies

One of my students walked in this morning, and told me what happened last night.
S: What day is the last day of school?
Mr. C: May 24th.
S: I’m not gonna be here for the rest of the school year.
Mr. C: Why?
S: I really violated probation this time.
S: I’m not gonna see you guys for a while
Mr. C: Why?
S: I’m gettin’ locked up.
Mr. C: For what?
S: I got caught with drugs.
Mr. C: What drugs?
S: Weed.
Mr. C: That is just a misdemeanor, and you are only 17.
S: I got another misdemeanor for the pipe.
Mr. C: That still is not enough for jail time.
S: And I gotta felony for breaking and entering.
Mr. C: That will do it.
K: S you be stuntin’
S: I got proof, I can bring it up here.
I gotta go to court today or tomorrow.

When I spoke to their probation officer, I also found out the student stole a large amount of money.


First thing in the morning, student walks in and we have this conversation.

S: I ain’t gonna be here for a while.
Mr. C: Why?
S: I violated bra.
Mr. C: You what?
S: I violated probation.
Mr. C: What did you do?
S: I broke curfew.
Mr. C: What time is your curfew?
S: 8 ‘aclock.
Mr. C: That’s early. What time did you come in?
S: 11:30.
Mr. C: That’s late.
S: Yeah, and I also set 3 of ’em.
Mr. C: You what?
S: I set some shit on fire.
Mr. C: 3 what?
S: Trash cans.
Mr. C: Well that is arson.
S: Arson, ain’t that a fire?
Mr. C: Yeah.
S: Fuck!