A conversation with J:
J: Have you ever heard of Riff Raff?
Mr. C: No.
J: You don’t be watching TV?
Mr. C: No.
J: You need to get cable.
Mr. C: I don’t watch TV so why would I need to have cable?
J: Mr. C you be defeatin’ the purpose of all my ignicities.
Mr. C: All your what?
J: It’s a new word.
Mr. C: No it’s not a word.
J: Well I just made a new word.
Mr. C: Well what does it mean?
J: Stuff.
Mr. C: Stuff, just stuff?
J: Yeah just stuff.
Mr. C: Okay.
J: It be defeating the purpose, if you wanna sound smart you just say ignicities.
Mr. C: Alright.



J walks into my room before dismissal:
J: You still need that Mr. C?
Mr. C: What?
J: That yellow xanax.
Mr. C: No. Why would I need xanax?
J: So you can calm down, you take that and you feel a lot better.
Mr. C: Why would I need to be calm?
J: So you can chill, it’ll be the best night you ever had.
Mr. C: My nights are fine.
J: You gon’ watch TV and it’ll be funny as hell, even if it stupid.
Mr. C: I will just watch something funny if I want to laugh.
J: You defeating the purpose.
J: Hey K, you think I should give him something that I got?
R: I don’t fuck with no pills.
J: K, should I give it to him?
K: What?
J: Something that will have him on the ground.
Mr. C: I don’t want to be on the ground.
J: You gon’ be trying to eat your food, but yo head be going to the
table at the same time.
J: Yo whole body will be feeling too good.
Mr. C: No I’m good.